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Adobe's Acrobat Reader® (ver. 7 or greater) is required to view and print all forms presented here for download.
If you don't have Adobe's Acrobat Reader, click Get Acrobat Reader to visit Adobe's website and obtain the current version before proceeding here.



Why do I get blank pages when I'm trying to print a PDF?

If you click your browser's print button, you will get blank pages. PDF's require you to click the Print button on the Adobe Acrobat Toolbar, not the print button on the Browser Toolbar or the file menu.


Why do I see a blank page when trying to view a PDF file?

Adobe Acrobat didn't open properly with your browser OR your browser did not recognize the application. Restart the browser and try again to access the PDF. You can also try to open Adobe Acrobat from the Programs Menu. If that does not do it, shutdown and restart the computer. Finally, Windows cannot handle filenames longer than 256 characters. If the file you're trying to access has a long file name, save the file to your desktop with a shorter name, then open that saved .pdf file and print.