Travel Buddies Calendar

Please Note — You must be a current active member of Vagabundos del Mar to view or post on the Travel Buddies Calendar

Members traveling to Baja and Mainland Mexico can securely and privately post trips, find other Members who are traveling, see Vagabundos sponsored events, and use the interactive map to connect with other Members. Regardless of your driving experience, the easy-to-use calendar will allow you to find a buddy to travel with.

Here are the instructions:

  1. CLICK HERE to login to your Membership page or CLICK HERE to join Club Vagabundos del Mar.
  2. Enter your login name and password.
  3. This will take you to your Membership page where you will click on “Travel Buddies Calendar”.
  4. The calendar view will appear.
  5. The postings you see on the calendar are other Members who are crossing the border on that date.
  6. To view their travel plans and contact information click on the underlined border crossing next to their name.
  7. To post your own trip click on “Post Your Trip” on the top left of the page.