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Low Membership Rates – $40 per year

Vagabundos Del Mar has taken pride in serving our members with their Mexico travel needs since 1966. In that time, it appears our membership fee has remained the same, although, as we all know, the cost of living has not. Our Board of Director’s deem it necessary to increase our annual membership fee to $40. This price increase will go into effect February 1, 2024.

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As a Vagabundos Member you have access to our Travel Buddies Calendar (TBC), the most dependable Mexican vehicle insurance, Mexican boat insurance, Mexican homeowner’s insurance, Mexican fishing licenses and Mexican travel documents. To keep you up to date there is the Chubasco, Baja news, hard copy publications and email bulletins. Vagabundos love adventures and you will not want to miss the activities and tours we host.


We are an authorized agent for International Insurance Group. Mexican law requires liability insurance for physical damage and bodily injury you might cause to others. In the past, $20,000 in liability was sufficient, today we recommend $300,000 – $500,000 in liability coverage. If you are in an accident and do not have sufficient liability insurance you are responsible for the damages.

Everyone’s situation is different and it is important to choose the correct insurance policy for your needs. We offer the following:

Daily Policy – up to 21 days

Tourist – Six consecutive months

Annual Tourist – 180 days out of the year

Resident – 365 days

Driver’s License Policy

In-Water Boat Liability

ATV/UTV Policy

Homeowner’s Policy

Click here for more Mexico Insurance information.

FMM Tourist Card

On January 11, 2023, Vagabundos was notified we can no longer process our Members’ FMMs. FMMs can only be done at the Immigration office located at the border you will be going through. Unfortunately, this means we will no longer have an application and you will have to stop at the border each time. No prepaid visas, no online transactions.

We will keep you updated of any changes.

If you have any experiences or road reports, please send them in to We rely on our members for information to send out to other members!

Fishing License

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CLICK here for Mexican sport fishing regulations

We offer weekly, monthly and annual licenses. A fishing license is required for any individual, regardless of age, who wishes to fish in fresh or saltwater in Mexico. This rule applies to all people fishing out of boats or underwater. A fishing license is not needed when fishing from land. When operating a boat carrying fishing equipment in Mexican waters, it is necessary for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether fishing or not, to hold a valid fishing license.

Boat Permit

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Temporary Boat Import Permits (TIP) are required for all boats 15 feet or larger. A TIP is required for all of Mexico (including Baja). TIPs are valid for ten years. Only one TIP can be issued at a time. You must return the TIP before it expires or before temporarily importing another boat. The TIP is for recreational or sport boats for all people legally residing outside of Mexico no matter what your immigration status. Marinas in Mexico have an obligation by law to keep a copy of a tourist card, vessel TIP, insurance and certificate of documentation on file.

Vehicle Permit – (Vagabundos does not provide)

You can obtain a vehicle permit at a Banjercito bank at the border or at the ferry.

Temporary Vehicle Import Permits are not needed for Baja Norte, Baja Sur and parts of Sonora. A deposit is based on the vehicle year. If anyone fails to return their vehicle permit prior to the expiration date the deposit will be kept. Banjercito will run a check on the vehicle before issuing the permit, if there is a theft report on the vehicle or if it is restricted or prohibited to operate in the US or Canada, the vehicle cannot be temporarily imported. The temporary permit time is based on the person’s immigration status, i.e. 180 days for tourist. People traveling in the eastern part of Sonora need to have a “Sonora Only Permit”.


Members receive the latest Club information, activities, tours, road reports and ever-changing information on what’s happening in Baja via the Chubasco, published three times per year.

Travel Buddies Calendar (TBC)

Members traveling to Baja and Mainland Mexico can securely and privately post trips, find other Members who are traveling, see Vagabundos sponsored events, and use the interactive map to connect with other Members. Regardless of your driving experience, the easy-to-use calendar will allow you to find a buddy to travel with.

Fishing Tournaments

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We have fishing tournaments on both sides of the border the whole family can enjoy. Everyone is welcome to participate, from beginners to experienced anglers.

Caravans and Tours

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We offer guided adventures led by experienced experts to Baja, Mainland Mexico, South America and Alaska. Learn the roads of Baja or explore the marvelous Mainland in a small group. Whether you have a truck and camper, fifth wheel, motorhome or just a passenger car we have a caravan for you. We also offer fly-in and bus tours as well.

Fiestas and Outings

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Join your friends and the many Members who gather to share travel stories at one of our fiestas. The annual crab feed on the Sacramento Delta is a four-day event you won’t want to miss.

Member Only Discounts

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Just by showing your membership card, you can receive a discount from various vendors in Baja. More discounts to be added soon.

Books, Maps, and Clothing

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Special rates on items you want to have while traveling in Mexico. The Vagabundos logo magnetic signs are used by Members to identify participation in the oldest and most experienced travel Club for Mexico.

Headquarters/Office in Rio Vista, California

The office is open to serve your needs 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Our expert office staff is available to answer questions and help you have the proper documentation for travel. Toll free, fast service at (800) 474-BAJA, or email

Updated 1-25-23