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Insurance Quote

In-Water Boat Liability Information

Please click here to purchase an In-Water Boat Liability Policy. You will be directed to the Vagabundos Insurance Broker (International Insurance Group-IIG) site to complete the application. If you need to purchase a vehicle policy after the In-Water Boat Liability Policy, you will need to return to this page to do so. If you will be towing the boat you must also list both the boat and the boat trailer on the vehicle policy as towed units.

Automobile Insurance

Policy Information

Please select your vehicle make.
Please select your vehicle model.
Have you verified the current market value with KBB? We suggest using either the Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guide to determine the value of your vehicle.
Insurance policies that cover theft of or damage to a vehicle use the Actual Cash Value, or the present market value, as the basis for valuing the vehicle in the event of a loss. If you have an accident or your vehicle is stolen, the company will pay you based on your vehicle's Actual Cash Value. We suggest you use one of two auto industry guides to help you determine the present value of your vehicle. The Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guide.

Coverage Period

Enter the date you will be entering Mexico. If you purchase your policy before the day it becomes effective, it will go into effect at 12:01 AM on the effective date and will cover you for the entirety of the day (s) you enter. If you purchase your policy the same day you are entering Mexico, your coverage becomes effective at the time you purchase your policy which is date/time stamped and printed on your policy declarations page.
Enter the date you will be leaving Mexico. The policy will cover you for the entirety of the day you are leaving. All policies end at 12:01 AM (just after midnight). The maximum policy period is 1 year.

Additional Items

You must list any and all towed units! Failing to do so can result in no coverage. Also, each self propelled vehicle must have its own policy when it is driven. A boat and a boat trailer are considered 2 towed units.

Towed units disclosure header

Each self propelled vehicle that is being towed must ALSO have its own insurance policy when it is being driven.

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Supplemental Questions

Liability coverage pays for the bodily injury or property damage to third parties in the event that you are found negligent in a covered accident. Liability coverage does not provide coverage for injuries to occupants of your vehicle, or damages to your vehicle. We recommend purchasing a combined single limit of $300,000 CSL or more, due to recent changes in Mexican liability law.
There are two types of deductibles available: Fixed deductibles; which are $500 for collision and other Section 1 perils, and $1,000 for theft and other Section 2 perils. Percentage deductibles; which are based on the value of the vehicle, but also subject to minimums based on the vehicle type. While the minimum deductible varies by company, the percentage amount for collision and other Section 1 perils is 2% of the vehicle's value, and the amount for theft and other section 2 perils is 5% of the vehicle's value.
If you do not have collision and theft coverage on your current US/Canadian policy, please select "no" for this question. Only vehicles which carry collision and theft on a current (non-Mexico) policy, are eligible for collision and theft coverage in Mexico.