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Current Information

Hurricane Odile Updates Information

October 4, 2014 For some current information on the aftermath of hurricane Odile, go to, Gary Graham's current fishing report. As of October 3rd, the International Airport in San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur has resumed operation of domestic and international flights on a regular basis. An interim Caduano Bridge bypass for vehicles to pass between East Cape and Cabo San Lucas has been constructed in record time to provide a temporary secure replacement until the bridge can be rebuilt. More at the link above.

Hurricane Odile sent destruction throughout the Baja. Below is a link to see what the Hurricane did to Loreto and how the town has recovered.

Alaska Air indicates that flights from L.A. to Loreto will continue soon. However, Aereo Calafia continues to service Loreto from Tijuana (next flight is Sunday).

Please send in information as you know.

  • San Quintin - missed completely, no impact, no rain. San Quintin Fishing Tournament still on schedule.

  • Hwy 1 flooded at Catavina.

  • Hwy 1 flooded at Vizcaino.

  • Mulege - Houses wiped away, no electricity or gas, roads are flooded and covered with mud. Two stores are open Pangueno and Ayluths.

  • LA Bay - The Village is ok but the road is closed due to flooding.

  • Loreto - Most power, water and phones are restored. Trees and power lines down. Military cleaning up. Driver made it from La Paz to Loreto yesterday. Road passable but one lane in places. They are bussing people from Cabo to Loreto to fly back to the US.

  • Ivan of Santa Rosalia Baja Sur - "We are OK, but the hurricane Odile passed over here Sept 15 all night, We won't have water until 2 weeks more, and some people lost their roofs. The hurricane was one of the most destructive over the last years on Baja."

  • Los Barriles - Water across the Buenas Aires Arroyo has stopped flowing. Concrete road is passable with some cracks. Lots of downed trees and trash everywhere. Gas rationing at the local Pemex station.

  • There is a collapsed bridge south of Los Barriles so the road to San Jose is impassable as of right now.







1/8/13 The price of the FMM has changed, the new price is $36. Please see New FMM Application.

1/2/14 Drove the detour today and report no major delays or problem. Obviously the route is narrower etc but nothing bad. Nothing compared with the construction further down near San Vincente which is a pain in the seat.
ThanksErik Prosser

12/27/13 -Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road collapses towards cliffside

10/30/13 A meeting was held Thursday, October 17, in San Diego regarding FMMs required for fishing on boats in Mexican waters in the 12 mile zone from land.
We received information from the CONAPESCA Office in San Diego as to the new procedure for these FMMs. Mexican officials presented a website in Spanish to process FMMs online at With this new system in place fishermen will have access to an FMM confirmation without having to stop at any border to validate their FMM. This will not take the place for land or air entries.

The price is 306 pesos and it is valid for 180 days, single entry. The website is in Spanish. Land entry FMMs for Baja crossings can be purchased through the Vagabundos Office. Immigration requires that this service be provided only to Members. A copy of a valid passport is required. FMM Application

Fishing licenses are also offered through the office. Non-members can purchase them with a slightly higher service charge one time before having to become a Member.You can get an application at Fishing License Application

10/8/13 Gary Graham shared information he has been receiving on Pemex stations accepting credit cards on the mainland and in Baja with good success. Both credit and debit cards are accepted at Pemex Stations in Ensenada, Tecate, San Quintin and El Rosario. Farther south cards are accepted at Santa Rosalia, Loreto and La Paz, and the newest station in Los Barriles it is reported.
It is important to call the bank or credit card company at least 48 hours before departing from home so the bank can approve outside of U. S. charges. This is a good idea for any purchases we’ve found. It might eliminate a call from Mexico to your bank. For fuel some banks ask for locations where the card will be used.
A good idea is to dedicate one card for use in Mexico with a low line of credit and have alert capabilities to your cell phone if you have data roaming. Where stations are using a mobil reader, the card in that case doesn’t leave your posession.
Exchange rates apply at all the Pemex Stations. Pesos can be purchased at the Costco stores on Broadway in Chula Vista, San Ysidro or Ensenada all at bank rates.
We would appreciate reports back from Members using credit and debit cards for fuel.

In addition to the cities listed in the recent Chubasco, my credit card was accepted at the Pemex stations
in Guerrero Negro, Bahia de Los Angeles, Mulege, El Rosario, Ciudad Constitucion, and Cabo San Lucas.
Credit card tip: Get a card with NO foreign transaction fee and save the 2% -4%
foreign transaction fee charged by most banks. This fee is in addition to the monetary exchange fees.
Ken Fritz

9/6/13 Vagabundos Director and Western Outdoor News Columnist Gary Graham reports that longtime Baja California Tourism Secretary Juan Tintos Funke urged the California Legislature to pass a measure that would provide a special voluntary enhanced drivers license for residents of California to ease border crossing times. Traffic flow would be improved by scanners reading information in the ready lanes from a distance. Tourism is up said Tintos and this provision would help economies on both sides of the border. A similar program is being considered by other border states. Licensees would need to be U. S. passport holders and meet security requirements and pay an extra fee. The Legislature took no action at this time.

11/14/12 - El Chaperall Border Crossing into Tijauna Mexico Video -

Fuel Rates

Magna (87 octane) 12.32 pesos/liter, $3.67/gal; Premium (93 octane) 12.73, $3.84; diesel 12.1, $3.79 scarce at Guerrero Negro. At Catavina Magna Sin and L.A. Bay Junction Magna & diesel from barrels - 5 gal minimum.

Travel Information

Temporary Import Permits:

Vehicle Permits

  • The new fee is $44 plus tax. People going to Baja north & south and part of Sonora do not need to have one.
  • Everyone is required to leave a deposit (if you pay by cash or credit card); the deposit is based on the vehicle year. If anyone fails to return their vehicle prior to the expiration date the deposit will be kept.
  • Banjercito will run a check on the vehicle before issuing the permit, if there is any theft report on the vehicle or if it is restricted or prohibited to operate in the US or Canada, the vehicle cannot be temporarily imported.
  • The temporary permit time is based on the person’s immigration status i.e. 180 days for tourist.
  • People traveling in the eastern part of Sonora need to have a “Sonora Only Permit”

Boat Permits

  • The Vag office now is set up to process Temporary Boat Importation Permits (TIP). This is required if you are towing a boat of more than 15 feet. Marinas in Mexico have an obligation by law to keep a copy of a tourist visa, vessel TIP, insurance and certificate of documentation on file. The TIP is for recreational or sport boats for all people legally residing outside of Mexico no matter what your immigration status. Temporary Import Permit Application. A minimum of two weeks is needed for processing.

Travel Buddies Calendar

In keeping with today's internet reliance and the Vagabundos code to travel with a buddy, our Travel Buddies Calendar is now online - a great tool to find a buddy to caravan with. Members traveling to Mexico can post trips, find other members who are traveling, find Vag sponsored events, and use the interactive map. Regardless of your driving experience the easy-to-use calendar will allow you to find a buddy. For more information and to login click on

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Prepaid FMM's and Fishing Licenses

FMM's are for Vag Members only, and are on a first come, first served basis. You can obtain these by filling out an Application and sending it in along with a copy of your passport to our office. Contact us at HQVDM for more information on obtaining
these documents call (800) 474-2252.


These replace the former FMT's. Vagabundos members can obtain an FMM from our office, saving you from having to wait in line at a bank. There will be short times the office will not have them available because the process requires that we submit a report and account for each and every numbered FMM for approval before Mexican Immigration will release another batch. Please allow two to three weeks for processing.

The price is $36.

FMM's AT TECATE: It is easier to park on the U.S. side, walk across to
Immigration in the building on your right.





CURRENT RATES (subject to change without notice)


Weekly*   $23.20*
Monthly*   $34.80*
Yearly   $46.40*
*Plus a handling fee

* Must specify date on weekly and monthly licenses. Annual fishing licenses must be dated within the month of issue.

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