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The non-profit Vagabundos del Mar Boat and Travel Club was "born" in 1966 when a few good buddies began adventuring into Baja California and mainland Mexico, looking for good fishing spots. In 1971, "the Vags" were incorporated as a non-profit social club, dedicated to helping members make friends and have fun. Today, the Vags are Baja's oldest travel club, with 10,000+ members. The club is still non-profit, and still dedicated to its original mission:

"Helping its members travel safely, economically and enjoyably in all of North America, especially Baja California."


Vagabundos del Mar is governed by a member-elected board consisting of the gnarliest bunch of Baja veterans who ever hitched up a boat trailer! You'll be hard-pressed to name any spot in Baja that hasn't been visited by the Vags. Our club goes back over 50 years, to the early days of Ray Cannon, noted author of The Sea of Cortez. In fact, some of the most popular Baja travel books and guides have been authored by Vagabundos. Perhaps you've seen or read some of them:

"Baja Camping: The Complete Guide" - Vag VP/GM Fred Jones & Director Gloria Jones
"Baja Catch/King of the Moon/Unforgettable Sea of Cortez" - Former Vag Director Gene Kira
"Baja Boater's Guide" 1 & 2 / "Magnificent Peninsula" - Jack Williams
"Baja Adventure Book/Exploring Baja by RV" by Walt Peterson
"Backroad Baja" by Patty & Tom Higginbotham

Our office staff is second to none when it comes to handling your needs. It is routinely stated that if you want to get it done quickly, or know where to get information, Vag HQ is the place to contact!

We really do know Baja best.


With a single phone call to our toll-free 800 number, you can take care of your Mexican boat and vehicle insurance and your Mexican fishing licenses. Our super-experienced office staff gives you quick information and the friendliest, most efficient service in the business. Try us!


As the only non-profit Baja travel club, we're the "best deal in town" when it comes to prices, discounts, and fun activities. Vags get the lowest prices possible on books, trips hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, and of course, insurance. Even if you only visit Mexico a couple of weeks a year, you'll save many times your club dues in cash benefits.


With 10,000+ members, we have a LOT of purchasing power-r-r! We get you the lowest possible rates on government required Mexican insurance through International Insurance Group. Currently they have appointments with, and represent a number of, insurance companies in Mexico and the United States.


Our Non-Profit club is the cheapest to belong to and has the best benefits. Only $35 per year gets you the monthly club newsletter and access to all the special club programs.


We have our own licensed in-house insurance broker who works to make sure our program is the best anywhere. We've got hard-to-find special programs like On-the-water Hull insurance, and insurance for Travel in Mexico. Our Special Programs include:

Special Programs

  • Mexico Toll Free Claims Number
  • Unlimited Entry/Exit
  • Towing & Repairs
  • Emergency Transportation Expense
  • Return of Vehicles, Children, etc.
  • Legal and Bailbond Service

Boat Insurance

  • Land/Sea Hull & Trailer Coverage
  • Liability
  • Bodily Injury
  • No Policy fee

Motorhome Insurance

  • Liability & Comprehensive
  • Bodily Injury
  • Towing
  • Uninsured Motorist


As a Vag, you keep up-to-date on recent Baja road conditions, new travel regulations, urgent safety alerts, items for sale, and the many adventures of your fellow club members. There is no other publication like the Chubasco. Call the office for a free current sample issue.


Vags love to have fun and adventures, and the club hosts so many events--on both sides of the border- you'll never be able to attend them all. All Activities and Adventure Tours are personally led by experienced club members who've been there before and know the ropes. There's something for everyone: Fishing Tournaments galore Trailer Boat cruises Whale watching trips Our world-famous annual Crab Feed Long-range RV caravans Booths at the best Trade Shows


Vagabundo members plan and lead their own activities, and the club reimburses expenses for organizing and leading a trip, and offers a free week at one of the club casas in Loreto. Are you an expert at something? You can make a proposal to our board of directors to lead a tour. If it's approved, you can use all the Vag resources to advertise, plan your trip, and find other people to go with you!

Lowest cost books

Our Ship's Store gives you the best discount prices on all the best Baja and Mexico travel books. And shipping and tax are free in the U.S. for members! Simply call our toll-free 800 number. This is the cheapest way you can buy these books anywhere (even non-members may buy at these prices!).

With all of this said, you should consider these key facts if you're "shopping" for the right Club for your Baja needs:


  1. The Vagabundos are a Non-Profit Corporation, governed by a Member-Elected Board of Directors, all of whom have extensive years of Baja experience.
  2. We are a Service-Oriented Club, and Member Service is the #1 priority.
  3. All Activities and Adventure Tours are headed by Experienced Leaders.
  4. All information concerning Baja and Mainland Mexico is properly verified prior to dissemination.
  5. We give Members the Best Deal Possible on all Services.
  6. The Vagabundos are the Oldest and Largest Baja Travel Club, with many years of Baja experience since 1966. The Vag emblem is everywhere in Baja!

If you haven't yet, surf the rest of the site to get a feel for the Club and its many Services and Activities. If you're still just "shopping", let us send you an Information Package to check us out further.

If you plan to surf the 'net to check out other clubs, by all means do so - we are confident that it will strengthen your belief that the Vagabundos are THE Club to join for Baja Travel!

If you're convinced, you can Join Online or check our Membership Page for other options to start benefitting fromVagabundos membership immediately!