We are accepting entries for our 2023 Photo Contest. We have had many outstanding submissions in the past and are hoping to receive more outstanding photos for our 2023 contest. Our categories are Scenery, Action, Wildlife and Pets. Final submission date will be November 15, 2023.

We’re looking for high resolution, large size digital photos of  Baja,  Alaska, and other places on Vagabundo excursions or trips, showing people having fun, scenery, wildlife, or whatever you think will make our publication covers stand out. UNEDITED Digital color photos saved in JPEG or TIFF format at 200 ppi or higher are best (this does not apply to Camera RAW pics which must be converted to a usable image file format). For those hoping to nail a cover shot, here’s a little advice. The picture submitted must be large enough (Printed Dimensions, NOT Digital/Pixel Dimensions) to either fit in or able to be cropped into an 8”x11” size scene consideration. 

Each entry must have a Word document along with your picture file stating which category the photo is to be submitted under, location, and photographer’s information for photo credit. 

Email photos to michelle@vagabundos.com for serious cover photos. Also, large files may be sent using Adobe Send or similar services, or by mailing them on flash drive (preferred method) to:  

 Vagabundos del Mar
190 Main Street
Rio Vista, ca 94571

There are some excellent pictures being entered, keep them coming!