Spring 2018

Do you ride a touring motorcycle?  How would you like to come on an escorted trip down to Cabo San Lucas with a group of motorcycle riders?

We are planning a motorcycle trip down Baja in the early spring (before it gets too hot at the south end).  This would be escorted by an experienced Baja rider with Spanish speaking ability.  We would take about 4 days to travel down Baja and after a couple of days in Cabo, take about the same returning to the US.  Nights would be in hotels along the way.

This will be an adventure taking in the sights and smells of Baja.  Most of the roads are in good shape and the ones that aren’t are fun to dodge the potholes.  Traveling light and enjoying the freedom of the road.
We will take 5 to 10 riders.  If you are interested, contact Vagabundos or call Todd Way at 619 890-9064.