Beaches and Whales Express Caravan 2022

February 11 - 17, 2022

Vagabundos is trying something new this year. We believe that the Grey Whale interaction is one of the most wonderful, amazing experience in nature. Interacting, petting and socializing with these magnificent mammals is something you just can't describe. We are going to try a short, express caravan for those who can't get away for more than one week. This Interary welcomes families, children, and grandchildren. Here is the plan.

February 11, Day 1: Meet in El Centro California at the Desert Trails RV Resort.

Day 2: Enter Mexico at the Mexicali East Port of Entry. Stop in San Felipe for food and gas and on the Rancho Grande and dry camp on the shore of the Sea of Cortez.

Day 3: Arrive in Guerrero Negro.

Day 4: Whale watching with Shari Bondy and Whale Magic Tours

Day 6: Travel north to San Felipe, staying at Pepe's camp, north of town.

Day 7: Cross back into the US and head for home.

The idea is that with this short Interary those who just can't get away for the Beaches and Whale tours can enjoy this joy of nature without being away for three weeks. With enough interest we will get this new tour up and going. Let the office know you're interested and we'll put it together. This will be fun. The Beaches and Whales tour is scheduled to take place a little later than this tour.

Lets do this,

Scott McEwen