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Spammers & Info Trollers - Forum Member information and their experience is a high priority to us. Vagabundos del Mar takes spamming and info trolling seriously; anyone reported for or caught spamming the boards, or providing false registration information to will be immediately banned.

The Vagabundos Forums uses email validation as one method of security; registered Forum Members will receive a validation message at the Email address provided during Registration. The Registration process will not be completed until the link in the Email is activated, or the secondary validation process is followed.

New Registrants will have 5 days to complete the Email validation process. Those who have not validated their Email account (by clicking on the validation link in the Registration email sent to the Email address you provided during Registration), within that time period will automatically be removed from the Member list.

If you did not receive an Email with a validation link, ensure that any spam controls or intercept services you may have didn't inadvertently quarantine the Email message. Vagabundos Members who encounter any difficulty with the validation process can email the Forum Administrator with their Member ID # and information as an alternate form of verification. Manual validations will be done for Vag Members only - no other exceptions will be allowed. Keep in mind that manual validation will not take care of any access problems you are having.

Vag Members Only Forums & Media Galleries

During Registration, there will be a space provided for you to add your Vag Member ID #. Once you have completed the Registration process (including validation) and your Member ID # is verified, your Group affiliation will be changed from Members to Vag Members. Once your Group affiliation is changed, your permission settings will allow you access to the Members Only Forums & Galleries. If you don't remember your Membership # and your ID card is long gone, just check the latest Chubasco - your number is above your address on the mailing label. If that's in a "safe place" and unavailable, fear not - Email the Forum Administrator with your Name & Address, and we'll find your number, send it to you, and add it to your Forum account. Again, you don't need your Vag Member # to Register, only to access the Members Only areas - if you don't have it readily available, it can be added later by contacting the Forum Administrator.

The Gallery feature in the Members Only Forums allow Vags to upload personal digital pictures of Vag events, trips, tours, tournaments, etc., or whatever else you'd like to share with other Vags into albums and slideshows so that others can view them.

Email Address Validation / Registration Problems

If you were unable to access the Registration or Login area (Page not Found errors), or never received a validation Email:

As previously stated, Email addresses not verified within 5 days of an initial Registration attempt, or Email validations encountering a null response from a mail server (the address given wasn't accepted by the mail server it's supposed to reside on) will result in your Forum Account being automatically removed. If you did not receive an Email with a validation link (it is sent immediately after initial Registration to the email address provided), contact the Forum Administrator within 5 days of the attempt to see if a validation email was in fact sent to the address you provided. If the address had a problem and was rejected, we will have received a failure message. Misspelled Email addresses will result in a failure, so check your spelling before you complete the Registration. If you are able to login to the Forum areas, and your Group Affiliation is listed as "Validating", it means that your Registration attempt was successful and a validation Email was sent to the address you provided.

If you haven't already done so, please ensure that any Spam controls or Intercept services you may have didn't inadvertently quarantine the Email message or prevent you from accessing the area. These are the primary causes of validation and access problems. If you are unsure about how to verify your settings, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Support Team. They can more easily assist you in adjusting your settings, as computer configurations are widely varied. Check both your Spam quarantine and deleted file lists to see if the message wound up there.

If you've verified your Spam and Firewall settings are correct and are still having problems, contact the Forum Administrator with the following information:

1. Registration information used - Username, Email Address, Vag # (if applicable)
2. Problem encountered / date/time
3. URL address (if applicable) where problem occurred
4. System configuration - Browser type & version, ISP, Operating System type & version/service pack level, etc.
5. Steps taken to clear the problem

Include contact information and best time to reach you.