Everybody has a favorite recipe of some kind. In order to share your recipes we would like to put together a Vags Cookbook. We will be starting a new tradition with the Chubasco where we will feature a recipe of the month in each issue.

Send us your recipes and we will put together a cookbook that will feature all of our best recipes. Recipes for main entrees, vegetables, hors d’oeuvreš, desserts, cookies all will be welcome and featured in our cookbook. If any are hand me downs or old family traditions, let us know and we will label them as such. Be sure to include the name of the recipe and your name to get credit for the recipe. The more recipes you send in the better our cookbook will be. Everyone that submits a recipe will get a copy.

Mail your recipes to: 

190 Main Street
Rio Vista, CA 94571 


email to Laurie@vagabundos.com