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The Vagabundos 30th Anniversary Cruise took place during 2 weeks of June, 1996. It was a Sea of Cortez crossing that commemorated the original trip by the club's founding members 30 years ago. Legend has it that one was required to cross the Sea of Cortez prior to joining the club when it first started.

The participants trailered to Bahia De Los Angeles (450 miles from the border) and launched there. they then proceeded southeast (180 miles) across the Sea anchoring overnight at two islands along the way to the harbor of San Carlos on the mainland.

Next, the Vag flotilla crossed the Sea again (80 miles) to Mulege and worked its way back up the Eastern Baja coast to Bahia De Los Angeles (180 miles) stopping at many anchorages and islands along the way.

The trip was filled with great fishing, spectacular scenery, special memories and excellent club camaraderie that gets everyone through.

The following pictures were graciously provided by Vags Marisa DiVito & Larry Young.

The Sea of Cortez is truly a magnificent place well worth taking the effort to experience. The Photo Highlight of the cruise that follows shows the true essence of what it is to be a part of the Vagabundos del Mar club. Enjoy! [ FIRST SLIDE ]